How much will it cost to get my computer fixed?

We were the first Muskegon computer repair company that offered flat-rate servicing and it’s been that way since we heard the call of customers looking to save money in these hard economical times. So while other companies have come and gone, we have steadily grown our customer base and improved our operations. We don’t charge hourly rates in-store, up charges, or surcharges and our customers like it that way. No surprise bills, no sticker shock, and one of the lowest rates you’ll see in West Michigan. Our $80 servicing charge is Flat-Rate, and we mean it. The only time you’d ever pay more is if your system needed an additional part(s), in which case you would be notified for your authorization and then you would pay the $80 plus parts. It’s that simple. Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Desktop, Xbox, PlayStation …we fix them all. We have ONE service option, and that is FULL SERVICE!

Why Custom Computer for Repairs?

At Custom Computer, we aim to make computer and laptop repair affordable in Muskegon! Save $100’s by bringing your computer into our shop and having the repairs done for you! Our rates are much better than any other local computer repair technicians or PC repair shops in West Michigan. With our Factory Direct Prices, you can save money. If we are not the cheapest, bring in the sale item of service and we will beat the price by 5%. Never before has a company been able to offer West Michigan the lowest prices on both parts and service – at Custom Computer, we deliver. Our prices are the cheapest in Muskegon, our service is unmatched, and we look forward to helping you through any computer problem. No appointment necessary – stop by our computer service center during our business hours to drop your system off!

How much does servicing cost?

Our $80 price is a flat-rate, meaning WHATEVER the problem(s) you’ll only be charged $80 for the computer repair work and labor. The only time you’d ever pay more is if your system needed an additional part, in which case you would be notified for your authorization and then you would pay the $80 + parts.

What types of servicing do you offer?

We specialize in computer repairs, improvements / upgrades, hardware diagnostics, installation, setups, and more. Whether you’re trying to upgrade your computer to improve its speed, have a Virus/Spyware removed to get you back up and running, or need a power supply or hard drive replaced, we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians have both the knowledge and the resources available to correctly diagnose your problem and set you up for the best resolution. We also offer Windows 11 Upgrades to Windows XP Downgrades. We repair desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, servers, and other types of hardware. We offer business I.T. management solutions and setups at affordable prices.

How fast can I get my computer back? Can I get my computer back the same day?

You may be able to depending on the issue. However, we offer 3 Service Speeds at Custom Computer – Standard Service @ $80 this is with-in 7 days, Express 2-Day Service @ $120, and 24-Hour Service @ $175. If your device needs a component replaced, the 24 and 48 hour services are not available unless we have the part in stock.

How is Custom Computer Better than other choices?

Custom Computer only employs IT professionals that offer technical expertise in a wide range of computer-related services. We’ve been providing West Michigan computer repair service for the past 16 years and have established ourselves as one of the best service centers in the Muskegon. You’ll get the Custom Computer experience every time – great prices, great service, and FAST turnaround times. Our technical support team consists of computer hardware experts and geeks that specialize in everything hardware related.

Will I lose all my data if I get a virus removed?

No, not usually! Usually one of the first signs of an inexperienced or otherwise lazy technician is that they tell you your data will be lost when your operating system has to be re-installed. Prior to making any changes to your system we will back up all of your pictures, documents, movies, music, iTunes, or any other data you need. If your data can still be read off of your hard drive you can be assured that we will get it backed up for you! Don’t risk your files with any other tech.

Do I need to have my restore CDs / DVDs? I can’t seem to find those?

No. Custom Computer is a Microsoft Certified OEM repair center. We carry and install all types of Windows installations without the need for your recovery media. If you’re already licensed for a version of Windows we will install that without you needing to bring anything other than the computer in.

Can I upgrade my computer to to the latest Windows, MacOS, Linux?

Yes! We have access to all the versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Bring your system down to us and we’ll check your hardware and see if it’ll be compatible with with your O/S request.

Are you guys local?

Yes! We serve the entire West Michigan area out of our convenient location at 1071 S. Getty St. Muskegon. We are close to Apple Ave and are one block south on Getty St.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions about our repair services, please call us at 231-981-0624. Talk to one of our friendly staff and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.